October 04, 2011

// photo's  via pinterest //

i know i know, i've been apologizing for my crazy roots for the past month(!)... well guess what? i'm finally getting my hair done today. pheeeew! yippy! yay! so sorry for putting you thought that! you know the feeling when you need to get your hair done and it begins to be the only thing you can look at!? you girls know what i'm talking about! well anyway, i'm the kind of gal that loves to try new & different things with my hair. it's been long, short, dark, light, really light, and even really dark. i go into a hair appointment like i prepare for Fall fashion... i've done my research and come ready with inspiration & excitement!! it's like hair fashion people! so here are a couple HAIR TRENDS that i've been loving these days... which one do you think i should do?!?!? 

*you can check out my crazy roots here, here, or even.... here!

 trend one: ombre 
{on-purpose-roots... the day has come ladies! hip-hip-hooray!}
// ps: this trend is so new... spell check didn't even get it!!! //

 trend two: the chop 
{it's a blunt cut... & i dig it.}

 trend three: chunky bangs 
{it's pretty much the best way to look like an instant rockstar...
or a high fashion badass that knows what she's talkin about}

well.......... which DO do you like best?!

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xx- the gal


Natassja said...

Loving all these trends! I'm thinking about trying the ombre thing on my hair later this month. But I love the chopped look, too! Have fun getting your hair done, can't wait to see how it turns out :)

Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of ombre hair! Such a cute look!

chanel said...

oooo fun! i'm going to get my hair cut soon and CAN'T wait for a fresh do.

Rachel said...

I like blunt cuts and chunky bangs. Can't decide which. I used to have bangs, but I found I had to get them trimmed SO often that it just got annoying.

<3 Rachel

Rosie said...


kelly @ paper doll theory said...

blunt bangs AND ombre :) just cause that's what i want. i'm half way there w/ the bangs. haha but i'm sure you will be fab with whatever you choose!


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