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October 23, 2011

// the {fabulous} jenny lewis //

what a nice sleepy sunday! (yawwwwn!) this morning i woke up and the first song i wanted to hear {to start my day} was A Man/Me/Then Jim, by Rilo Kiley. i've been loving this song lately. it's funny how you can go from being madly in-love with one song to another so quickly. i guess Florence & the Machine is going to have to sit on the back burner for a {teeny} bit. i hope you enjoy your sunday and these mellow tunes as much as i do...

*see more "music sunday's" on the left index under "mixed tape"!(!)

.. Rilo Kiley & Jenny Lewis ..
{Rilo Kiley "A Man/Me/Then Jim"}

{Rilo Kiley "Silver Lining" i know i know, i played this on a "music sunday" already, but i just adore this song SO much! check out that "music sunday" here (!)}

{Jenny Lewis "See Fernando" fyi, jenny lewis [also] the singer for Rilo Kiley. didn't want to confuse you!}

which song do you like best??


Smitten4Style said...

oh i adore Silver Lining!!! have had a lovely lazy sunday too! so glad i stumbled upon your lovely blog :)

xo ellie

GINA BIBER said...

Silver Lining, definitely. :- )


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