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October 26, 2011

// photo's by the fashion gal //

happy hump-day! today is the first {of many} "We Like Food" posts! yippy! here's how it work's... we (the fireman & i) LOVE eating at new cool restaurants or old cozy favorites, so if it's worth talking about, we'll let you know what was DELISH and what was worth ordering again! we may be self-proclaimed food critics, ya know. but in actuality we have no professional experience in food, other then the fireman eating a LOT of it daily and my one summer waitressing at Hennessy's in Hermosa Beach. but i can tell you this, WE LIKE FOOD... and we like it a lot. so grab your cup of Joe and tune in for some fabulous food feedback... because today we're talking breakfast! YUM YUM(!!!)

Le Pain Quotidien, Manhattan Beach CA
 {my double shot latte with REAL (whole) milk... mama wasn't counting the calories today!}
 {the thing i love most about this quaint little Belgium cafe, is the simple European touches. first off, i love the outside seating area. the tables & chairs are simple but inviting. i also enjoy the wide assortment of jams, nutella (my fave!), and sweet pecan spreads for the fresh baked breads they serve, on request}
{i ordered the Baguette French Toast that was soaked in agave (rather then maple syrup), garnished with strawberries, banana, and topped with a pretty white powdered sugar}
{the fireman ordered the Farmers Scramble that included ham, tomatoes, scallions and came with mixed greens and a fresh baked baguette. luckily it came with the baguette because the portion was a little small for the big guy}
{he's a food stealer... busted!!! it's ok, i grew up with two older brothers, so i'm kinda use to sharing my food}
{this wasn't your typical French toast... the crispy baguette bread, savory agave, and mint leaf gave this breakfast treat it's own little delicious twist! Yummmyum!}
 [Our UN-official {official} Review...]
Le Pain is a beautiful Belgium cafe with a lot of outside seating. the pastries looked amazing and coffee wasn't bad! i loved the oversized coffee cups (of course) and really enjoyed the uber-fabulous baguette french toast. the fireman liked the scramble he ordered, but was enjoying MY breakfast as much as i was (of course, again). over-all this is a great place for lunch with your girlfriends or breakfast with your man. 

what did you have for breakfast???


Unknown said...

I sometimes dunk my toast into my coffee too. The Belgian cafe looks lovely - I love the food it sells (and the nutella!)



Tulips & Tulle said...

Looks delish!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

OMG, the food looks beyond delicious! Great photos!


Fashion Fractions

Unknown said...

im getting hungry! haha nice pics and lovely blog

pls look also at my blog and become a friend if u like :)

XO, Carmen

Anonymous said...

Yummy...I'm going to try and make the French toast!

molliee said...

major yum! I love le pain! one of my faves:)


kelly @ paper doll theory said...

oo you guys are my kind of peeps. haha i LOVE food as well. so much that i have a fork and knife tattooed on my arm. your pictures look delicious!



Anonymous said...

that looks amazing!! what a yummy breakfast - puts my breakfast bar (think thin mixed nuts) to shame lol.

E.P.Dallas Design said...

This made me smile as I am a food stealer as well lol. Your photos are making me soooo hungry. Superb site! Honor me with your presence and Join my blog,

~ E. Dallas from STYLE. SAVVY. CHIC.
{ http://stylesavvychic.blogspot.com }

Sara said...

Wow these looks seriously amazing, I’m drooling all over the screen here, I bet it taste as good at it looks and now I have to eat something sweet ASAP! You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Zoe said...

Heyyy AMAZING blog! I'm surprised that you're able to do all of this by yourself! There's so much content! Thank you again for all of your tips!! xo Zoe (the model you met at ABS Schwartz Monday)

Unknown said...

Love this place. I went there twice (but the one in NYC) for breakfast. It was sooooooooo good. I try not to eat at the same place twice but this place was too good!


Le Pain Quotidien USA said...

Thank you for your lovely post. We are glad you and the fireman like our breakfast and hope you will come back soon.
Le Pain Quotidien

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