what's your go to DANCE SONG?

September 19, 2012

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hey there party peeps! i have a question for you. a fun question! what song gets you moving??? like, that boarder line embarrassing dancing that you should really only do in the privacy of your own home! ps: i LOVE that kind of dancing!! for me, these songs are the new Call Ma Maybe, We Found Love... oh and probably a little LAFMO too!

**a little side-note: your fabulous suggestions will be playing at our wedding in 11 days!
* want more music... go here!

well, what do ya got?
maybe some Prince, KISS??!


megan said...

Mine is hands down Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" or B-52s "Love Shack"! LOVE BOTH of this songs!

xo Meg

Ash said...

spice up your life by spice girls


Lindsay said...

All the songs you mentioned plus Rihanna's Where have you been :) fun post!

Jenn said...

Hey ya by Outkast!! Best wedding song

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