6 things: WEDDING WEEK!

September 24, 2012

one: my wedding earrings... i helped design these puppies with an amazing jewelry designer named Julie! her Etsy account is under construction right now... but if you're in LA you can find her pieces at the Redondo Beach bead store on Catalina. 

well, we're 5 ((yes, 5!)) days away from the fireman & my big wedding day!!! there are about 1,000 emotions running through me right now... but the main one is excitement! i couldn't be more excited and surprisingly pretty stress-free!! i am looking forward to our entire wedding weekend... from bowling with all of our friends & family the night before, to dancing in the barn with my new husband-to-be! but let's be honest, that hasn't been the case for the entire {4 month} engagement process. i did catch myself looking at flights to Vegas to elope about two weeks ago. i was on the verge of a DIY overload-slash-breakdown and thought we should just send a photo of fireman & i in a drive though chapel to our soon-to-be-guests. but now that the DIY wedding projects are 99.9% complete... and the barn is pretty much ready to go, this bride-to-be is feeling pretty great! so here are a few details that will help make up our special wedding day... 

two: my wedding perfume... i never thought i would get suckered into buying a wedding perfume, but when i ran through Nordstroms recently i found a new scent i love. so i treated myself and now refer to my Dolce & Gabbana Rose the One as my wedding perfume!
 three: custom "V + T" labels... these labels were a fun n' fabulous wedding gift from my brothers amazing girlfriend. they match our wedding invitations perfectly! see invites here.
 four: wedding projects... today i will be tying up all the loose ends on my DIY to-do-list!
 five: my wedding {reception} boots... all the gals coming to celebrate our big day ((and myself)) will be changing into boots for our barn wedding BBQ reception! check out my wedding ceremony shoes here! ((any excuse for more shoes!)) wink-wink
six: our wedding bands... the fireman opted for a traditional gold band ((which i love)) and he helped me choose a gorgeous chunky platinum diamond band... which i also love. 

oh, and check out more weddings goodies here:
- our engagement story here & here
- some wedding day DIY's & details here & here

eeeeeeek! i'm so excited!!!


SoosieD said...

Happy Wedding Week!!

Unknown said...

lovely post <3
check mine if you want :)

Your Princess is in Another Castle

Unknown said...

Holy cow! Those earrings are SO CUTE. They are going to look so beautiful on your wedding day! Plus, the picture of the wedding bands, BEAUTIFUL. I think it looks so gorgeous. Congrats!
-Shelby B

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