September 12, 2012

photo's via Pam & Susy

as i promised, here are the photo's from my bridal shower last sunday afternoon! it was held at my mom's home in Redondo Beach... and was hosted by 7 of her {& my} beautiful friends. and like i said here, it was gorgeous, amazing, fun, and filled with some much love! so without further adue... here are the deets!

*check out some wedding ((planning)) things here
**now let the COUNTDOWN begin... we're 17 day's away!!!!!! (eeeeeeek!)
 the happy bride... me!
 my mom . me . katy . judy
 kathy . natalie . me . danielle . melodie . my mom
susan . tawni . christie . shanti . chanel . me
katy . natalie . me . danielle . melodie . meagan
the gals... host's, family, friends included.

the food:
- a salad bar with 23 TOPPINGS! genius. (i'm a veg.)
- a dessert bar with carrot cupcakes, homemade cookies, peach cobbler, and carnal squares!!!
- AND signature cocktails... that cleverly included my name in every drink!

the details:
- big white paper balls
- mix n' matched colorful vases
 - flowers from artichokes to perfectly pink garden roses
- lovely white lunch plates with a sleek silver rim
- bright white linens & table clothes with floral prints
- ribbon adorned chairs for myself, my mom, and my mother-in-law to be!
- sepia-tone photo's of the fireman & i
- and the sweetest party favor... a vintage broach for each guest!


my beautiful hostess...
melissa . judi . pam . my mom . kathy . kelly . monica . susy

now do you see why i'm still on cloud 9 from my fabulous shower??
it was amazing.


Rosie said...

Amazing! Such a pretty shower, loved every detail. Congrats!!!

Anna G said...

Even though I'm not getting married. I would still hire you plan mine. I love all the flowers and details with the shower gifts.

chandra said...

Vanessa! WOW! This looks straight out of a magazine. So beautiful, your smile makes me so happy. 17 days for you girlie, enjoy every second Mrs. Fireman (to be)

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

wow - simply stunning. Not over done, but instead perfectly done! You are one lucky lady to be surrounded by so many who love and care about you! Love the dress you wore

sam said...

Love your dress!!!!

Looks like a happy day for you and your family/friends!

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