PREPPING & PRIMPING: wedding facial

September 25, 2012

photo's via the fashion gal.

yesterday i took a little time to skip into the Murad Spa in Manhattan Beach to treat myself to a fabulous  pre-wedding facial! and i have to say... it was MUCH needed! this bride-to-be needed a little bit of a refresher. when i slid under the warm fluffy bedding in my designated spa room i found my mind wandering and was having a hard time relaxing. the wedding was on my mind {BIG TIME} until Rosa ((my killer esthetician)) started my hydrating facial. she broke my facial down into 3 steps {much like their product is designed} and i instantly began to relax. and every time my mind started to wonder again {and i began to review my wedding to-do list} Rosa would use a new & delicious smelling product that would automatically bring my focus back to my facial. i personally LOVE Murad products and their amazing scents! throughout my facial i caught lovely whiffs of apricot, tangerine, eucalyptus, cucumber, and even a little peach! it was the perfect treat to balance all the emotions & work that come with planning a wedding! now, we're 4 days away!

**go here for some more wedding deets!
***my favorite Murad products are the Correcting Moisturizer SPF 15 & the Hydrating Toner
(photo above)

Murad Spa, Manhattan Beach CA
spa water... yum.
the relaxation room, genius.
cozy blankets & my new Toms in the relaxation room.
lit candles throughout the spa.
the hydrating products that were used during my facial.
fabulous accessories & gifty items throughout the spa.
i love the "circle necklace".
the signs throughout the spa work as a wonderful reminder.
this one seemed perfect for our wedding week!

 can you believe the fireman & i are getting hitched in 4 days???


chandra said...


Anonymous said...

I think I'm making an appointment...

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

sounds deliciously amazing, and much needed! Hope you get to take a few breathes and enjoy these moments! Happy Wedding Weekend

Anna G said...

I want a facial so badly! Sounds like a wonderful experience. Also congrats on getting married!

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