a new year, a new home!

January 02, 2012

// a couple fresh flowers brighten up any room! photo's by the fashion gal //

well........... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! did everyone have a fabulous New Years Eve?? what about your Christmas break (if you're just getting back into the swing of things)? if you've been MIA let me catch you up to speed... the fireman & i moved! not far, just from one beach town to the next. we are living in Redondo Beach now, and are loving it! we traded a killer ocean view for a big back yard and the cutest little house i've ever seen! i may be a tiny bit partial ;) SO, it's a new year & a new home for these two love-birds!

*so, i think i've mastered the art of moving... i pack it all up, he lifts it, moves it, & unloads it, while i unpack, organized, and decorate! PS: SO much easier said then done! ;)
** here is our NEW NEST... sudo-unpacked.

{i love the natural lighting throughout our little love shack. every room is brightly lit and makes my old flea market finds look fresh & new! i picked this kelly green liquor table up at the Long Beach flea market early last year... and have re-decorated it almost every month since i've had it. oh, and the globe is all dotted (in white) with all the places the fireman and i have traveled... together & separately. a fun way to keep track!}

{this funky old-man chair (from our last place) makes our new place feel like home! i'm thinking about recovering it, ANY thoughts??}

{the fireman says i'm offically a vintage bottle HORDER!!! i call myself a collector.
and what better place to keep your olive oil then in a old Scotch bottle with silver & black stripes!?}

{the fireman and i just splurged and bought ALL new bedding a couple months ago... it's all fluffy white Hotel Collection from Macy's. if you're in the market for this stuff, i'd totally recommend this brand. the funky knitted throw blanket is from our first trip to Bali... it's one my favorite things in our home. super sentimental.}

{our new view! not too shabby. AND that big palm tree (on the right) is in our backyard! we dig it.}

so i guess all the moving {during the holidays} was well worth it!
our little house is just starting to feel like a home!


Natali said...

How exciting!? The view is NOT shabby at all :D
Happy moving to your new home :)


Unknown said...

Looks so nice!!

★Happy New Year★

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Tulips & Tulle said...

Looks amazing! Good luck for a great year!


bevy said...

I'm glad to see yourself getting organized in the new digs! The olive oil in the scotch bottle is too funny, but a great idea!

Unknown said...

About the chair...I say go for a print. It is of course what I would love to do to our sofa but the hubs takes a bit to convince.


VANESSA said...

Thanks guys!
Bevy- I know that Scotch bottle is pretty funny... I love it!
Y. Garza- Thanks for the helpful imput! I'm thinking a grey & white geometric print?? We'll see!

chanel said...

yay! Yay! yay! can't wait to see it for real. xo

Kira said...

So exciting, I can't wait to see photos once you have it all unpacked!

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Looks amazing, I wish I lived in CA sometimes!


Molliee said...

looks great! I want to see more:)

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