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July 01, 2012

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it seems like i've been writing my "music sunday" posts on cozy n' lazy sundays in. which are my faaaaavorite kinda sundays. and let's face it... there is nothing wrong with being lazy & getting a little cozy on a sunday at home. so grab your homemade cup of joe & a good book and just kick those feet up! here are a couple tunes from me, to you... on this extra coooooozy sunday.

*want more music??? perf. go here!

{ Iron and Wine "Boy With A Coin" i wish i could dance like this. great eyebrows too, right!?}

{ Arcade Fire "Haiti" perfect for a lazy sunday. }

what are you doing this sunday?


Dree said...

I love a bit of music on a lazy day! The Iron and Wine song is great!

Accessible Renovations San Tan Valley said...

Loveely post

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