July 19, 2012

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one fantastic part of planning a wedding... is choosing your cake! i'm the sweets-lover {in the family} so this wedding cake thing is right up my ally! if the fireman could have his dream cake, it would be made out of rib-eye steaks & sweet potatoes! so luckily he's given me full reign on our wedding cake. here are a few cakes i found while browsing the world wide web! i {may} already know what kind of cake we'll be having... but you'll just have to wait and see after our big day!

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paper flowers
ombre layers
coconut cupcakes
fresh flowers + tree stumps
fresh berry pie

simple succulents
mint + gold + white

hand painted flowers
cute cake toppers

which one is YOUR favorite???


John david said...
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Kira said...

The ombré and the mint are both my favorite. I can't choose :)

Rosie said...

MINT!!!!! SO gorgeous!!

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