a {vintage} treasure hunt...

October 14, 2011

VIN⋅TAGE [vin-tij]  
representing the high quality of a past time; being the best of its kind.

i am so excited {first} because it's Friday and {second} because this sunday i'll be treasure hunting at fabulous Flea Market! VINTAGE BABY! my favorite flea market (in the whole-wide-world) takes places on the third Sunday of every month... and since i missed it last month, i am SO looking forward to going this Sunday! yay! do remember when i went the last time? i scored some pretty great little pieces (see photo's here), but this time i am going with a wonderful girlfriend who appreciates the vintage just as much as i do. so we'll grab our HUGE lattes, throw on our (most-under-the-radar) sun hats, and treasure hunt till our hearts are content! yippppy! here's my Flea Market Grocery List...
*what's on your calender?? decorating your home for Halloween? or maybe taking some time to catch up with a good book??

my Flea Market shopping {wish} list:

my fingers are crossed... hopefully they'll have eveything on my list... for a good price. eek!

1. milk glass cake stand- i've always wanted a funky cake stand... and i love anything made with milk glass.
2. silver horns- the fireman has real wall horns from a deer (he hunted) last year... he's been hinting to put them up in the house, so i'm taking baby steps. silver first... the real deal next!
3. painted pitcher- i love collecting different size & shape vases... a hand painted pitcher would be perfect!
4. storage cart- i would love to have this in my office for storage and a masculine touch. if i found a wood cart i would have no excuse but to paint my chunky desk white and have the WOOD + WHITE look we talked about here.
5. printed rug- i'd love to cover a rectangle ottoman with a vintage printed rug. i think it would add even more vintage flare into my living room.
6. silver trimmed horn- i need these! i can just imagine a bundle of light pink peonies sitting perfectly in these funky horns. and the silver trim is perfection.
7. vintage plates- the most important aspect of this (plate collection) is that they need to each be onesies. over the past year (or so) i've been collecting onesie vintage plates. i'd love to have close to 12 plates by Thanksgiving. it's just my thing... and i love it!
8. printed fabric- the fireman and i bought a white textured couch this year... so i've been playing around with different prints in the room. it's like wearing a white t-shirt with a few fabulous necklaces layered on top! love.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
xo... the gal


Anonymous said...

Woow, great list ! Cool items. I hope you've found everything you wish for - and for a reasonable price ;) Sometimes fleamarkets can be a real treasure chest.

Thanks so much for your kind words Vanessa! Feel free to join my readers, and I'll do the same for you. ♥

xx indie by heart

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your house fashion shopping...happiness is the journey not only the destination :-)

kat @ paper doll theory said...

love all the things your looking for! i recently moved out and am looking for design inspiration. i hope you find everything your looking for!! -posted a few pics on the blog, hope you can come by :)

vanessa (the gal) said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes! If I find any of these goodies I'll make sure to include them into a post!

Tulips & Tulle said...

Great picks! I can never find what I'm actually wanting, always new things!


Unknown said...

Okay this is may be one of my favorite blog posts....ever! Yes, really. I love vintage shopping and I always make a mental shopping list of what I keep my eyes open for and when I find the perfect item from that list I strike! I haggle a little, but mostly I get what I want at fair prices! I love your collection of plates. I am a huge dish collector and I actually used the same idea to put together my tea set! Each tea cup is a different print and color, the sugar bowl, creamer, and tea pot don't match either!

Anyway, I have been enjoying reading thru your blog because I have been able to find a little inspiration for my own as well! I think I see a dish post coming up.


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