happy {spooky} halloween...

October 31, 2011

// photo's by the fashion gal //

happy happy halloween! wow what a weekend! the past two days have been jam-packed full of halloween celebrations and quality time spent with quality friends... and one really cute fireman, of course. anyway, i managed to make a pretty fun costume that was extra fun to wear! i was.................. The Black Swan!!! remember this post? well, i wasn't the Mad Hatter after all. i just couldn't help myself from wearing a HUGE fabulous tutu and prancing around like a possessed ballerina! in fact, i layered THREE tutu's and made the third one really last minute... which i am so happy i did! the third tutu really gave my costume the va-va-voom it needed! i also loved the black opalescent feathers that i hot-glued to the bustier for a dark eerie swan effect. you should have seen my ballet moves! now those were kinda scary(!!) the actual highlight of my weekend was (definitely) spending time {and carving pumpkins} with a wonderful girlfriend, her hubby, and their darling little guy (Jameson!). see our pumpkin carving day way below... (!!!)

**did anyone dress up this weekend?? what about carve a pumpkin???

B L A C K   S W A N. 
{what do you think??? can you tell i'm wearing THREE tutu's? what about the dark hair?!}
{just the eye makeup took me an hour to apply! it was a really fun costume to wear!}

{i mean, come on. look at that baby! everyone, meet Jameson. he's my fantastic friend (Meagan's) son!}
{i'm a very proud auntie.}
{when carving pumpkins... you've GOT to have some good grub. this was the perfect salty/sweet combo}
{oh, and you should have a yummy cocktail too! this was champagne with a splash of blueberry juice. yumyum!}
{Jameson loved how the pumpkin-goo felt in between his fingers. it was really cute.}
{yep, she's wearing a hat.}
{our pumpkins really turned out to be one big happy family. to bad the fireman missed out... he's the best pumpkin carver of all!}

 little side note: we actually jammed packed our day SO much that i will have to post a part two and show you our colorful art project that we {Miss. Meagan} and i had a blast making! stay tuned!

well........ what was everyone for Halloween!? OR what are you dressing up as tonight?
trick or treat!!!!


Jessica said...

The dress is really nice.


Nimue said...

Omg, your costume is just perfect! I loved watching the movie and it is such a great idea for a halloween costume! You look very elegant and you make-up is gorgeous!

Jersey Blogess said...

wow - your costume was amazing - you could have played an extra in the movie. Good job.

Katie*Belle said...

Your costume looks absolutely gorgeous!! I'm glad you had a fantastic Halloween!

JustPatience said...

Great Halloween photodiary.


Meenakshi (meen-ak-she) said...

Your costume is awesome!!


fotograziosa said...

I was fortunate to see your costume in person, and it was off da chain! So creative, and your eye make-up was totally amazing! You win the Oscar for Halloween costumes!

stephanie. said...

gorgeous costume! wish i had time to steal your idea for tonight.

lapetiteblonde said...

your dress is very nice!!like it!!
ooh so nice pictures of halloween!!
thanks for your comment!i hope that you return on my blog!
kisses and have a nice day =)

kelly @ paper doll theory said...

your costume is fantastic! at first glance i thought a couple of those pictures were the real thing. great job!



Lorena said...

I loved the costume. I would have never thought of dressing up as the Black Swan :)

Lauren at TwIn Style said...

Whoa, I've seen lots of homemade Black Swan costumes, but this one takes the cake. Very cute!

VANESSA said...

wow thanks guys!! it was actually a pretty simple costume and SO fun to wear!!! i was reallly playing the evil part!

XOXO- the gal!

kat @ paper doll theory said...

perfect costume! the make up is amazing. did you do it yourself? the snacks and cocktail look yummy and the pumpkins turned out so spooky!
love kat

VANESSA said...

hey kat! thanks!! yes i did the make-up myself. the eyes alone took ONE whole hour! very worth it though!! what did you paperdolls dress up as???

xxoo!!- vanessa

Anonymous said...

Look at those arms...a ballerina all the way.
I can see the attitude of the character...great job!!

Erin said...

Your costume looks like so much fun to wear! I was a cupcake last year which required tutu crafting and I was surprised about how easy it is. Gorgeous!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Wow! Your costume was amazing! Great job! Very creative!

Michelle Wan said...

hey nice dress and cute baby ,check out my blog im having a Gucci giveaway dont miss out? http://mwanwan.blogspot.com/2011/10/gucci-giveaway.html

lumauro said...

wonderful costume!! bellissima family!! very nice and sweet blog!


Kathy said...

Totally believable! Such a great costume! I was Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde. xoxo


Velvet Bloom said...

the dress is perfection! u made a wonderful black swan! and the make up was really cute too

erica said...

Oh my word how cute is your pumpkin!


Anonymous said...

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