a match made in heaven...

September 30, 2011

there aren't too many things in life better then cheese & wine. i love trying new cheeses {& wines} and pairing them with different foods. for example... a salty Parmesan cheese tastes perfect with a sweet fig jam and a big glass of red wine. in my little world this could be considered a meal... a perfect little meal. the fireman however needs a bit more then some cheese and wine for dinner. so last night i arranged a salty/sweet cheese pairing platter, while the fireman grilled his idea of a perfect pairing... a ribeye steak and kale sautee. it was a perfect night in!

*a little foodie note: i picked up these a-mazing ingredients at my favorite Italian deli Baycities in Santa Monica. if you're ever in their neck of the woods... stop by for lunch & a little grocery shopping. i promise it's a pretty special place!

cheese + wine
{i was SO happy to use my new teeny-tiny spoon i picked up at the flea market last month... and check out my new cheese cleaver!!! i'm in love! the fireman thinks it awesome too. check it out here}

{the cheeses were amazing! and the wine we washed it all down with was a yummy Malbac. yum yum!}

{i have been eye-balling this {REAL} honeycomb for a while now. i was SO excited to finally try it... and it turns out that this textured treat was the very best part of the entire pairing process! this cool comb would even make a great hostest gift the next time you go to a party!}

{make sure when you go to Baycities to grab some of their fresh baked bread. to die for.}

if you have any yummy pairing tips or a cheese you can't live without let me know... 
i would love to hear what cheese makes your world complete! 
comment below or message me on facebook

have a wonderful weekend! xo- the gal


Natassja said...

Oh my goodness, that looks AMAZING! I totally think cheese and wine (and maybe a little fruit just to make it healthy) definitely constitutes a whole meal!

Kathy said...

That honey looks so yummmm! xoxo


Ly said...

That honey looks yummy! I dont' like cheese but I'm sure I would have enjoyed the steak :)



Anonymous said...

I need a hostess gift for tonight...I'm buying two honeycombs and keeping one for myself!

harmy pants said...

this looks so yummy!! i want that honeycomb! mmmmm

chanel said...

we need another wine, cheese, and craft night

kat @ paper doll theory said...

omg! i'm planning an apartment warming in the near future and i've been looking up how to make a cheese plate!! where do you get real honeycomb? i must try!! i'm also like you, i love every cheese! haven't met one i didn't like



VANESSA said...

The honey WAS delish! I bought it at the yummy Italian deli on Lincoln in Santa Monica... Baycities! Kat if you live in the LA area... Check this place out. It's amazing!!
Good luck with your party!
xxoo -Vanessa

Ivana said...

Aww, you just made me hungry! I LOVE cheese & wine tasting and this all looks so delicious!
I´ve just discovered your blog and I love it :)

Happy Sunday from your new follower :)

xx Ivana
Style in the City

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Anonymous said...

YUM Vaness!! I can't wait to make my own cheese plate :)

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