{FALL}ing head over heels...

September 26, 2011

this past saturday felt like the first day of Fall (!) yippy! in manhattan beach it was cool, crisp, & overcast... just how i like it! seriously, i love it (the cloudier the better.. i know it sounds crazy!). other then the change in weather there are so many things that i love about Fall. fashion aside (that's another post on it's own!), it's such an exciting (& cozy) time of year. i love the crisp cloudy mornings, the layers of cashmere & cottons, and the warmth of my tiny kitchen when we're cooking or i'm baking. it's a time of year to host a party and visit w. friends & family. here are few more reason's i love this change of seasons...

{t e n} reasons to LOVE  t h e  F a l l . . .
// photos by Pinterest //
{one. Cozy sweaters... i love love LOVE cozy chunky knitted sweaters.}
{two. Chai tea lattes. even though i'm a Pete's gal... i love The (star)Bucks Chai Latte! yum yum!!}
{three. Cooking warm comfort food... and playing around w. new rich recipes}
{four. Preparing for the fun holidays ahead! Holloween & my ultimate favorite Thanksgiving!
{five. Roasting pumpkin seeds! check out this salty delicious pumpkin seed recipe
{six. Shopping for the perfect pair of boots. right now i'm liking (L) Dolce Vita (R) Miz Mooz
{seven. Using my Crock-Pot! here's a yummy creamy chicken & wild rice soup recipe}
{eight. Breaking out my scarfs! you'd think i live in Minnesota the way i bundle up!}
{nine. Drinking hot chocolate... and not feeling guilty about it}

{ten. Cuddling up on a rainy day... with the fireplace on! in my opinion there is NOTHING better.}

what do you love about Fall?????


Anonymous said...

Love the boots &scarfs...thanks for the link to the soup recipe I had forgotten about my slow cooker!

dressupmessup said...
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Rachel said...

I love fall for all these reasons and because I love to layer. Plus dressing up for Halloween parties is always fun. This post got me excited for fall, so thanks! :)

<3 Rachel

Hilary said...

I die for chai tea lattes. The one shown above looks beautiful! Have a wonderful day!

XO Hilary

Lublyou said...

you are 10000% right! cozy warm fall with lattes and chocolates is fantastic!

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