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September 07, 2011

{photo's by fashion gal}

well, how was your labor day weekend?! our seemed to last forever (smiley face)! the fireman and i finally had a day off together (!!!), so we scooted down to San Onofre for a mini surf-trip... just the two of us! i packed us some yummy snacks, treats & lunch, while he packed the car w. boards, beach chairs & an umbrella. i didn't plan on taking photos of our lunch, but since it all turned out pretty good, i'll give you a little preview of what we ate... & drank. 
if you're not familiar w. surf spots in southern california... San Onofre is right in between LA & San Diego and works as the perfect getaway if you need a mini (day) vacation. we usually go on an annual camping trip w. a few families from the fire station. there are some pretty nice camp-gounds 5 minutes from the beach... see camping info here. but this time we could only get away for a quick day-vaca!

** here is our surf day in photos........

 w e   l i k e   f o o d   &   s u n .
{Caprese Salad (to go!): cherry tomatoes, avocado, water mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, s & p}
{Veggie & Turkey-veggie Wraps & (super spicy) chips & salsa! yum yum!}
{Veggies & Hummus... the hummus is triple decker hummus from Tader Joe's. give it a try, it's delish!}
{we brought two stand-up paddle boards & one Bark 10ft. longboard... check out Bark boards here}
the end.

OH! AND i learned a very valuable lesson today... DON'T (do-NOT) stand-up paddle board w. brazillian bikini bottoms & a bandeau bikini top on!! because when you fall into the water... EVERYTHING SHIFTS! i think i gave the surfer's out there a pretty good show. quite embarrassing... but at the same time very funny!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a perfect day-vaca food included ... Missing a video of your shifting bathing suit ... But sounds like good clean healthy fun!

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