HOME vs FASHION: mustard

September 16, 2011

like many of us gals, i have an on-going love affair w. both Mr. Home Decor & Mr. Fashion Muse... and sometimes i just can't choose which to love more. so the battle continues... HOME vs FASHION! this is a new subject i'd like to implement into my blog... because let's face it, we want it all (!). so here's a little inspiration for your fabulous weekend to come...
*oh, and P.S. today we're talking mustard. why? because it LOVE it! don't you??

cozy greys w. a touch of mustard.
a little pinch of white.
 an artistic spin on mustard.
bold. bright. rich. color.
mustard, brown & bright.
pattern + mustard = deeelish (!)
danish (mod) inspired.
{photo's by Pinterest}

have a bright & beautiful weekend! 
xo- the gal


Anonymous said...

This color just makes me happy...earthy and bright

Rebecca @ Bee of Design said...

The last chair is a must for me! I love! Such a great color. Thanks for sharing.

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