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September 06, 2011

question: Can you wear white after labor day? 
answer: YES!
{photos from Pinterest & The Man Repeller}

ok first things first... here's a little history for you on where the "white-wearing-rule" originated.
back in the day, most fabrics that were manufactured in white were typically cottons & linens (that were perfect for the warm summer-weather) while the heavier textiles such as twills & wool were produced in darker hues. white clothing just didn't provide the warmth that you could find in darker clothing! so basically, this rule was made by necessity.  but now my friends, times are a changin (!). in my opinion... there are many more WHITE-DO's, then WHITE-DON'Ts for after Labor Day. my two biggest (& probably only) DON'Ts are white linen pants & and beachy white denim shorts. the bottom line being, wear white after Labor Day just make sure you don't look like you're on a cruise in the middle of July!

* here are a few DO's.... and only a couple DON'Ts when it comes to wearing white after Labor Day.

// D O' s //

 {white & cream colored skirts & dresses are pretty all year long! pairing w. boots always helps for fall}
{wear white denim... NOT white linen. make sure to pair it w. a neutral color top, sweater, or a blazer}
 {i love these two looks... but consider pairing a funky (darker) jacket or an oversized sweater w. these puppies... it will make them feel more like fall AND you can still be bright in your pretty white!}
 {it's the Man Repeller (!) i adore this blogger... she's nuts, amazing, and has perfect style! these two looks are great for this transition time into fall. wear your white's & cream's on top & pair them w. your favorite man-pant. perfection.
 {a great way to wear your summer linen top is NOT w. white jeans shorts & flip-flops... nope that's one of my ONLY nope's! it's w. a bright fall colored skirt & a funky contrast belt. dare to mix your colors!}

// D O N' T s //
left. {DON'T #1: white jean shorts & a white linen shirt. it's far too summery for this stage in the game... i'm sorry, but it's time to move on and put those white shorts in the drawer for next summer!}
right. {DON'T #2: white linen pants. unless you're going on a romantic cruise around the Greek islands for all of september... then put these puppies away! lets get those old skinny cords out instead.}

**side-note: the ladies & looks above in the DON'T pile... look super fabulous, just not for this time of year. i don't to hurt any feelings here ;)}

well, that's my little labor-day-rule-of-thumb... what's yours?!
xo.................... the gal (!)


Tam said...

I agree, you can wear white. It just depends on how you wear it...

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

I love this post! You did such a great job showing that there is a true difference in whites and that white can be worn all year! Thanks for the history as well! I agree..if your white pants have pockets on the side of the legs they are def for summer only! Great blog!

Vanessa (the gal) said...

Thanks Tam & Shia!! I'm loving the feedback! Scoot on our to my blog anytime. Have a fabulous day wearig white ;) xo- Vanessa (the gal)

Anonymous said...

Great info and conformation on the one color that goes with everything...I love white and now I will put my linen pants and skirts away. What do you think about color & material of shoes / sandles?

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