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December 20, 2011

{left: the perfect little gift. right: this little guy would be the perfect topper to any holiday gift! le deer ornament via}

ho-ho-how is your holiday-gift-wrapping coming along??? have you decided on what decorative wrapping theme you are going for this year? will you be the classic red & green paper kinda gal, the oh-so-chic silver & gold ribbon kinda wrapper, or the funky craft paper, yarn, & fabric girl?! this year, i'm going for the last one. don't get me wrong... i will always have a special place for the classic wrapping that i remember tearing through at my grandma's Christmas morning. just the same as i will always adore that funky silver streamer stuff she would drape all over her Christmas tree! am i alone on this one, or did anyone else's grandma decorate with this stuff too? well, anyway let's stop talkin and start on wrapping!!! here is a little Christmas Gift-Wrapping Inspiration!

***a gift wrapping money saving tip: here are a couple ways to make your gift wrapping COST EFFICIENT. you can always turn those paper grocery bags inside-out {cut along the seams} and use it as wrapping paper! AND hit up a craft store like Joanne's or Michael's to see if they have any specials on holiday colored yarn to use instead of expensive ribbons. follow those tips so you can save money AND still get that "craft style" look... done & done!

Christmas {Gift Wrapping} Inspiration: GET CRAFTY.
// original craft wrapping collage via & little side notes by the fashion gal //

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Annie said...

I seriously SUCK at wrapping's pretty bad haha :) These all look so pretty!

The Other Side of Gray

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

These look so vintage-y and cute! What a great way to save cash and set your presents apart!


Josine Luxanette said...

so cute!*
great post doll!*


Denise Pacurar said...

These gifts look amazing!!!


kat @ paper doll theory said...

i would enter but i dont have facebook!! could i follow you on bloglovin? i love these wrapping ideas. every single one of them!!

love kat

Kira said...

I really love DIY wrapping, those all look great!

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