December 22, 2011

// photo & DIY by the fashion gal //

i love those nights where its just cool enough to start up your fireplace & light candles around your house. i guess the candles don't really give off that much heat, but when i have a fire, i like to light candles as well. i just love how it gives my living room that cozy soft glow! i try to always have long stem matches on hand {and next to my fireplace} so i can strike up a little fire on any chilly night. the fireman does get a bit nervous with me and my love for candles & fireplaces. don't get me wrong... i'm no piro here, i promise! i just adore that glow! ummm, should i be rethinking my blog name right now??? The Piro & Her Fireman?! ha! that would be awesome. ok, back to business... let's make a matchbook that you enjoy looking at next to your fireplace! this DIY is super simple and gives your little fireplace area a mini boost of style!

*PS: has anyone watched any good Christmas movies this week?? remember this post? i'll be watching The Family Stone tonight, ahh love! 

 {i used one of those long Duraflame matchbooks and just popped the (brown) match paper right out!}
{i used Duck Tape to secure my match paper down... i like the silver shine AND this stuff works!}
 {cut each piece of tape the same length to create a little square around the match paper}
 {and Voila!}
{you can use a regular old Mason Jar... or another cool looking jar. i used this one because i like that it has a handle.}

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Meenakshi (meen-ak-she) said...

love all your DIY's.....its always so creative!!

Annie said...

Love this! And I am SO jealous of your fireplace :) My fave Christmas movie has to be Christmas Vacation...never gets old. Love The Holiday as well :)

The Other Side of Gray

VANESSA said...

LOVE Christmas Vacation! Love.

Unknown said...


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paislea said...

this is really clever and super cute!!

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