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December 07, 2011

a few of my favorite gals & i are having our Annual Christmas {gift-exchange} Party this friday! and this year we decided to mix things up AND kinda live on the edge... because instead of our usual White Elephant {gift exchange}, we are doing a good ole Secret Santa {gift exchange}! which i am SO excited about! i think my current excitement ratio is 75% to spend quality time with my gals (while drinking lots of yummy champagne), 20% to treasure hunt for the perfect Secret Santa gift, and a good 5% to see what creative goodie my little Santa got me! so all-in-all... i'd say i'm 100% in the holiday spirits and looking forward to my first (of a few) fabulous Christmas Parties! i LOVE Christmas!!! eat, drink, be merry!

**see below for some clever Christmas Gift Combos... for UNDER $40! 
***a little side-note: this year i think i'm going to go for the challenge of getting as much awesome (& useful) goodies for under our $40 budget! a little Christmas goodie-bag!

{the goods:}
all these goodies are from (either):
Modcloth {all jewelry, squirrel paper clips, scarf}
Forever 21 {beanie, socks}
Anthropologie {vase, candle, bowl, journal, pot holders}
Nordstrom {actually nothing in this collage is from Nordies, but the BP department has great inexpensive finds!}

a little note:
if you're an online kinda-gal (check out): Modcloth, Forever 21, Urban Oufitters
if you want a little Christmas spirit while you shop (these places are pretty & festive): Anthropologie, or Nordstroms (BP department,  less-expensive)

do you have a secret Santa this year??? 
well, if he's a boy... check out some great MAN-GIFTS here!


Meenakshi (meen-ak-she) said...

Such lovely things...I love Anthropologie!!


Daniela said...

No secret santa this year, but I just might get the anthro stuff for myself ;)

Molliee said...

I don't have a secret santa this yeaer:( but I love your list! Especially that beanie:)

Annie said...

This is a great post...I need to buy a secret santa gift for a friend and these are some great ideas :)

The Other Side of Gray

VANESSA said...

Thanks guys! I always score at Anthro... and Urban for funny gifts :) Happy hunting! xxo!

VANESSA said...

Thanks guys! I always score at Anthro... and Urban for funny gifts :) Happy hunting! xxo!

chanel said...

Yay!!! So excited to be with you girls!

alicia said...

these are really cute ideas - love the oven mitts!

VANESSA said...

chanel- who's your secret santa??? cooooome on... i won't tell! ;) XXO! i'm looking forward to it too!

paislea said...

what a cute idea! i love this!!

allister bee blog

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