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December 27, 2011

// photo's by the fashion gal //

well how was your holiday!? are you still stuffed with sweets & champagne? i am! in fact i figured why start eating good now... i did so much damage over the weekend, that i KEEP peeking into my See's Candy box throughout the day. i may have had a little chocolate with my coffee yesterday morning. yup, i've really hit rock bottom. but no biggy... that's what the holiday's are all about, right??! to be honest... i am SO thrilled that the festivities are all over!!! i'm no grinch, but i am SO excited to have more time to MOVE IN to our new little place... and NEST! like really nest... pics to come once we're all moved in. so while i was out and about {picking up} new pieces for our new place... i wore this! a BOLD STRIPE & my LEOPARD BAG

*how was your holiday!? anyone else thrilled that it's over and that a NEW year is just around the corner?!
**AND, did anyone see that Lakers vs. Bulls game Christmas morning?! yowza.

stripes + leopard.

{the goods:}
black top: Forever // stripe sweater: Forever(!) // riding boots: Ivanka Trump (Bloomingdales) // leopard clutch: JCrew // skinnies: Target(!) // Chunky necklace: Ann Taylor // longer black necklace: JCrew // watch: Fossil // yellow bracelet: JCrew {from me to, me! i love how bright it is!}

so.......... did Santa come through???
any new goodies you love?


Natali said...

Looking great in leopard and stripes.


Katie*Belle said...

Adorable outfit! And I can't wait to see pictures of your new place. I love moving in to a new home -- well, the fresh start part of it anyway, not so much the actual moving : )

Meenakshi (meen-ak-she) said...

I'm loving this...especially the clutch!!


Annie said...

Stripes and leopard? Yes PLEASE! Looks great :)

The Other Side of Gray

paislea said...

ooooh i have been in love with stripes for the past few months... and i think that i've worn something with stripes on it probably... 50% of my life since september. i LOVE that sweater! it's absolutely gorgeous!! and the boots and clutch make it perfect!!

i hope that you had a lovely holiday!


alicia said...

love your boots!!

beckaboots said...

I love your boots! That is so exciting that you get to start nesting. It is really so much fun! You'll probably be spending lots of time at home depot so be prepared :)

If Work Permits

bevy said...

great mix!

and yes, I'm glad it's over! But now to figure out how to fit in the new stuff, haha.

oomph. said...

this is my favorite combo, actually! love the clutch. i'm so glad the holdays are over. i'm looking forward to the new year.


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