SPRING FASHION 2013, part two

February 28, 2013

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spring is an exciting time for fashion. it's a refreshing time of year to kick off your riding boots, shed a couple layers, and tweek your wardrobe to look bright & fresh again! yesterday i posted about 3 Spring 2013 Trends that i am currently loving, and today i've posted about the remaining 3 trends that i can't wait to wear. the trends being........ 1)) Bold Stripes, 2)) Bright Prints, 3)) Coral Pants, 4)) Elegant Embellishments, 5)) Lady-Like Lace, and 6))Pretty Pastels ! phew! 

**if you missed the part one, make sure to check it out here

elegant embellishments:  via  //  via  //  via  //  via   

pretty pastels:  via  //  via  //  via  //  via  

lady-like lace:  via  //  via  //  via  //  via  //  via

so which trend do you love most???


Anonymous said...

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R said...

I think I like the lace or pastel trend the most :)

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