SPRING FASHION 2013, part one.

February 27, 2013

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spring has sprung! (or at least this week it has). so it's time to spring-clean those closets ((donate, donate, donate!)) and start thinking about the Spring Trends YOU want to hit. hit those trends gals! don't be afraid to pick up a bold stripe blouse, a bright floral printed piece, or a pair of bright coral pants! my favorite places to pick up these trends is JCrew, Anthropologie, and H&M. here are a few fun trends that i stand behind this spring...

** see last year's Spring Fashion Trends here.
* tune in tomorrow to see the Part II of my favorite Spring 2013 Fashion Trends... to wear now!

bold stripes:  via  //  via  //  via  //  via

bright prints:  via  //  via  //  via  //  via

coral pants:  via  //  via  //  via  //  via

tune in tomorrow, for more!


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Anonymous said...

Would love to see some spring trends from Local Boutiques.

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