5 things: AT HOME

February 11, 2013

one. my milk glass cake stand is sitting on our front table with a perfect peach rose in a mercury glass cup... feels a little romantic for valentine's day.

how was your weekend?? did you watch the super glamorous Grammy 2013 awards? we did! and i must say, it was a great show! now i know i need to go see Mumford and Sons in concert, that JT is back (who says he ever left?!), and that the red carpet was full of amazing cut-out dresses. my best dressed gals (in a cut-out dress) were definitely Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Natasha Bedingfield, Taylor Swift, and Kelly Osbourne! i loved all their dresses. now less about them... and more about these 5 things.

 **check out more 5 things here.
two. this coffee table book Edible Selby, is awesome. such a great gift!
 three. our homemade pizza! we finally got the crust thin & crunchy enough. success!
 four. our fabulous friends (& wedding photogs) sent us our favorite Stumptown Coffee all the way from Portland! i mean, come on!! (it's the goooooooood stuff.)
five. someone got a cozy new igloo (see in the background) but still insists on lounging in her favorite spot on the couch... and who can say no to those puppy dog eyes??!! i'm in wuv.


Kendall said...

Oh goodness! Your dog is too cute!

I always love checking out your 5 things posts.


brooke lyn said...

Stumptown is my favsies!!

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