February 01, 2013

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happy friday peeps! will you be watching the Super Bowl this weekend... or at least the amazing commercials AND Beyonce??? i know i will! now we just have to see if Beyonce can top Madonna's half-time show from last year. never the less i am PUMPED to see this half time show & the commercials that haven't been aired on YouTube yet. and i've got to admit, i'm pretty excited to see Ray Lewis (from the Ravens) play! it's his last game ever after 17 years in the NFL & he's pretty entertaining too. 

check out today's links for recipes + inspirations for 
Super Bowl Sunday drinks, food, decor, & an awesome BINGO game!

a salty bloody mary sounds like perfection to me!
need to impress any cute boys on sunday??? this IPA will do the trick.

sweet potato + sea salt chips, say no more
everyone loves a good artichoke spinach dip & a jalapeno popper dip!
these individual 7-layer dips were a huge success at our Super Bowl party last year.

main dish.
a make-your-own panini bar could be the perfect way to feed a bunch of peeps while staying creative.
what about a make-you-own beef, chicken, & bean taco at half-time?
ever heard of a wingless buffalo chicken pizza, ummm yum! (and i'm a veg!)

these brownie/cookie hamburgers could potentially steal the show from Ms. Beyonce, seriously.
mine as well just stick with the beer theme, right? chocolate beer truffles, boom.
these chocolate chip salted caramel cookie bars (longest name ever.) look amazing!

decor + games.
astro-turf coasters, mini footballs in potted wheat grass, & a chalkboard football field table cloth, wow!
an astro-turf table cloth -or- astro-turf koozies are inexpensive & easy to make.
we are so printing out these amazing Game Day BINGO cards!!! can't wait!

.................. and last but not least, the WINNER of the Burke Williams Spa
Valentine's Day massage -or- facial & pedicure is:


and have a great weekend.


henning love said...

seriously?? wow what a great way to end my week :-)

Unknown said...

yay!!!! YES you! congrats!

R's Rue said...

Great post!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Watching the Super Bowl right now. Go Niners!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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