July 27, 2012

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it's the end of July... and to me, that feels like the exact middle of summer!!! so if you haven't bought all the new fabulous things on your summer wardrobe/home list... no worries... you can still spruce up your home with bright colors + tons of white! sometimes i wish i lived in a all white home with pops of color everywhere... kind of like what i imagine Jonathan Adler's home to be like. you know, the guy that designs alllll that killer-funky home stuff?! well anyway, here are a few great examples of how to shift your home to look bight & cheer-y... just like a sunny late-July summer day!

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bright pillows + some killer DIY wall art  
a new printed rug + bright tonal pillows
a bright duvet cover + a newly cover headboard 
printed dishes + framed art
killer neon heels + coffee table books
a great throw blanket + the perfect tea cup
fresh cut flowers + an easy DIY framed
your jewelry displayed + ah-mazing Hermes boxes

i hope this gave you a couple fun ideas to add a little "pop" into your home...
oh, and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!



Katie*Belle said...

I love these spaces. Lots of white with bright color is perfection!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of stark, modern design mixed with retro or shabby chic. It's so fun seeing the bright whites and brights mixed together...and you can't go wrong with a pretty bouquet!

<3 Cambria

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

I am trying to build my adult decorating around a white foundation of quality pieces that can be accented by different colors to suit my mood/current tastes! Love this inspiration!

Tiffany said...

I love white with pops of color. Makes everything more vivid. Great finds!

Unknown said...

Amazing pics!!! :)

Love your blog too!! I follow you now with google friend connect! Hope you'll do the same!! I wait for you in my blog!! Kisses!


The Happening said...

Love this post and love all the photos - my favourite is the neon heels (love) and the coffee table books as well as the hermes one!

Love your blog:)

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