A {match} MADE... No.1

November 08, 2011

// i love these two! i'd call these two a match-made-in-heaven for sure! photo via //

over the weekend {while the fireman & i were out on the town} i began to chat up one of the fireman's, fireman friends! i told this young handsome buck about how i would LOVE to play Matchmaker and set him up with one of my gals!! sounds like a pretty great idea, right??! guess NOT! MY fireman definitely urged against it! THE NERVE!!! why is it that us gals LOVE to set up our friends with his friends... when all the guys want to do is STAY CLEAR of all the Match-Making fun?? booooo on them. so now that my matchmaking-wheels have been shut down... i decided to match-make other things that seem to be SUCH a match-made-in-heaven! 

*as you can see, i'd be a pretty good Matchmaker (see photo above) because if these two weren't already together................. i'd introduce them!! are they the cutest or what!?
**oh, and don't worry, this will be a fun regular thing we do on my blog! (since i'm not allowed to Match-make in real life, anymore!!) the nerve.

A {match} MADE... No.1
// i adore the elbow patches and the DIY striped tray... a definite match-made-in-heaven! //

// blueberry muffin recipe here //

// i imagine these two would make a wonderful couple... can you imagine what their babies would look like!? ps: remember this cutie from this MAN-post?//

// look! it's the Fashion Gal & the Fireman! //

which MATCH-MADE is your favorite makers match?? huh?


Fiorenza said...

for me your blog is "up&coming" :)

I'm following you ;)


Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

How awesome is this idea? Love it! The two of you are my favorite match form this post :)


harmy pants said...

Obviously you and Tyler Wade! But I love the touch of gold, we should definitely do that DIY soon! xox

VANESSA said...

Harmy! I would LOVE to! Maybe a little lunch and a DIY next week??? xxo~

Molliee said...

cute post! ps - you just made me crave a blueberry muffin!


his little lady said...

i'm really starting to adore these sweaters with the elbow patches. especially in gold. swooning!
xo TJ

Jersey Blogess said...

this was so cute - and so true, men dont understand how we have that gift to hook people up...lol oh well!! que sera, sera! Ya'll are a cute match!

Annie said...

LOVE this post...you are super cute! And I definitely want a latte and a muffin even though it's 8pm right now. And maybe my own fireman. Just sayin.

The Other Side of Gray

kelly @ paper doll theory said...

haha you are too cute! i'm loving this post!

love kelly

Anonymous said...

Fashion Gal & a Fireman get my vote...
really good post...!

chanel said...

You two get my vote although I do love that tray. I've got it pinned! Totally wanna make it. xo

Aspiring Kennedy said...

you two could have some pretty bebes as well :)

good bone structure, i tell ya.

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