February 06, 2012

// photo's by the fashion gal //

how was your Super Bowl Sunday??? did you tune in, bring an app, or host a party?? well the fireman and i hosted a mini Super Bowl shin-dig and had a few of our fabulous friends over. the boys watched the game, while us gals caught up, made food, refilled drinks, and tuned in for those crazy-expensive Super Bowl commercials! by the time the second half rolled around (and we were all stuffed full of food) us gals finally had a seat and hung with the boys!! here's a recap of our successful Super Bowl Sunday!

**now what about the Madonna Half Time Show??? what'd ya think?! i LOVED it! check out the video below...

// these individual seven layer dips were not only fun to make but were super convenient to eat!! grab your cup, a spot on the couch, and dig in! they weren't so bad on the taste buds either! //

// this was my best effort at football cupcakes... what do ya think??? the green frosting was suppose to look like grass... ummmmmmm, they're ok! //

// one of my lovely girlfriends brought these adorable football deviled eggs! they were DELISH too! //

// so my fab guests and i sipped on some Shandy's all game long! a Shandy is a light beer mixed with lemonade! and boy is it good!! wanna Wikipedia this bad boy... here it is! get your Shandy on! //

// "Super Bowl 2012 Half Time Show-- Madonna" Ok, so if you missed the half time show... here it is! i {personally} loved it!!! i was SO happy to hear the Queen of Pop sing her old songs too... and my fave (Like a Prayer!). did you guys catch MIA flipped off the camera during her solo?? it looks like they tried to blur her out... buy just missed it. i say, go MIA!!! look who's on AOL's front page now! ;) //

did you watch the game??? AND what was your favorite commercial??


Heather said...

Totally agree - I thought Madonna rocked it - so much fun! Your cupcakes look delish, sounds like a fun time :)


Anonymous said...

Madonna was the best part of the event...Like a Prayer is my all time favorite also...I liked the Clint Eastwood commercial of cars made in USA!!!
I made your seven layer dip in a was a hit.

Justine said...

For some reason, I'm terrible at scooping 7-layer dip (I can never seem to get all seven layers!), so I LOVE this single serving idea! I may have to steal it... ;)

Gameday Stylist said...

Love this! That dip looks amaze - going to have to file this away for super bowl 2013!

- Sara @ Gameday Stylist

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Everything looks so adorable! I made football cupcakes too! Check em out I posted them today :)


paislea said...

all of this food looks so tasty! i'm dying of hunger over here!

but i'm glad that you had a good time and so much yummy food to eat!

drop by allister bee soon!

Ana G said...

Such a pretty ( and i guess delicious) plates. Madonna was amazing, i can´t believe she can dance and look that great at 50s. But after all, my favorite part was seeing the Giants victory. Am so happy about it!

alicia said...

your dips and cupcakes are ADORABLE!

The Fashion Philosophy said...

YUMMM...everything seriously looks beyond amazing. And those cupcakes are seriously cute.

PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out!



kelly @ paper doll theory said...

wow you are quite the savvy hostess! looks like a fantastic party!

love kelly

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