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May 30, 2012

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today the fireman, charlie & i are jetting off for a little vacathat's right... we're bringing the pup on a plane today ((for her second flight ever... hopefully she's a pro... fingers crossed!)) and are heading to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the a little down time!!! why Wyoming you ask??? well it has been on our long travel to-do list {right up there with Montana & Morracco} and had the chance to stay at a fabulous-family-friends-(vacant)-vacation-home! so..... Wyoming here we come! yahoooooo!
i hope i see a deer.

if i could only bring ONE thing on a plane ride...
it would probably be........ a scarf!

what would yours be???


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Have fun in your vaca :).

Vasu said...

amazing pics, love the striped tee, awesome

TheTinyHeart said...

Have a great time on your vacation! Going to keep some of these items in mind when I go on my vacation coming up :)

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sip-n-wear said...

how fun!! sounds really relaxing... i would bring books/magazines on the plane!

Unknown said...

Ooooo have a blast!

Great outfit ideas.


Always Maylee said...

Have fun! I love that bag!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

great selection, have fun!

from, helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com

Anonymous said...

My one absolute must is a book...usually a few books :) But after that, I'm hugely a fan of wearing maxi skirts/dresses...so comfy and make it easy to snuggle in for the ride :)

<3 Cambria

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Sada said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog...it's just adorable! I hope you're having a great time in JH (I went there as a kid and my mom wouldn't let me buy a T-shirt cuz she said everyone would say I went to Jackass Hole......yup, that's my mom). It was BEAUTIFUL and the white water rafting was a lifetime memory. So happy to have stumbled across you. following you now on GFC.
Dressology HQ

Sada said...

ps. my essential item for a plane ride....empty water bottle to fill up once onboard!! x
Dressology HQ

Sada said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Great picks! I've been thinking about getting some Toms recently :)


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