January 19, 2012

 // doily gift wrapping {i will be doing this for my Valentine's Day gift-wrapping for sure!} photo via //

with Valentine's Day around the corner, i though it may be nice timing to take a look at the ever-so-romantic... doilies! i LOVE these delicate napkin-slash-coaster-looking-things for 3 big reasons. ONE. they remind me of my grandma & the gorgeous collection she always had around her house. such great memories. TWO. they're like glorified coasters! (wink-wink) but in all seriousness they work perfectly clustered under a candle, a pretty dish, or even a funky flower vase. THREE. they are  usually bright white & super feminine... which i think always makes for the perfect contrast against a more masculine wooden table! i enjoy super feminine thinks... but only in pretty small doses. let's just say these puppies can instantly give any room a little touch of that vintage-y feel... which let's face it, i adore!

*remember my Halloween tablescape?? go here to get refreshed. i think these doilies can be the perfect Valentines Day decor!
**doily hunting?? etsy has some great prices on doilies and cool (already made) doily projects!

// doily table runner {so pretty on any funky wood table} photo via //
// i ADORE this romantic doily garland... maybe the perfect decor for Valentine's Day! photo via //
 // a doily table cloth!? love Love LOVE this idea! photo via //
// what a special way to pack a lunch for your loved ones! i dig it. photo via //
// you can also get the doily affect by using lace trims! i'm totally doing this on my new mantel. photo via //

which DOILY DIY do you love most?????


Shadhna said...

amazing post...very inspiring..<3

xx Marina

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

That doily garland is the bomb!


paislea said...

yay! i love doilies!! i recently made some
doily dishes ! i love them!!

allister bee blog

Anonymous said...

The brown bag & doily gift wrap idea is the variety of candles on the mantel too

fotograziosa said...

the runner and garland are on my DIY these! great post, as usual..xo

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

I the doily table runner and candles! Soo pretty!

VANESSA said...

This post is making me want to do a whole DIY DOILY DAY!!! Who's with me?! I'm so happy to hear that there are more doily lovers out there :) xo!

Kira said...

I love them for gift wrap, I use them all the time with craft paper and bakers twine.

Jessica said...

I love the doily table runner.. I have that pinned on pinterest. It's funny I used to think doilies were so old lady-ish when I was little, and I now I think they're so cute! great post!

Nicole Marie said...

I love that doily garland. So cute and perfect for V-Day. I am having a Blogger V-Day Party and this would be perfect! =)

Nicole Maire

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