April 15, 2013

recently the fireman & i were given these awesome Agate Bookends that sat in his grandparents home for years... since the 70's, i'm guessing. so to make them fit into our home and hopefully sit on our bookshelf for the next 40 years, i needed to make this fabulous bookend more, us! so gold leaf it was!! as i posted here, i have a new found love for liquid leaf. it is basically the paint version of the gold leaf sheets we all know and love. but this paint is so much easier to use. so here is the newest addition to our home...

**PS: i think this, this, or this has to be my next gold leaf project.
 you will need:
sponge brush
Agate Bookends
zip lock bag (to line/protect your plate)
painters tape (i didn't tape off the colorful part of Agate rock, but you may want to)
 *sponge on pant in a gentle & even way
*let dry & voila!

total project cost... $6! 
not too shabby.


Holly said...

they look so good! i've never used gold leaf, to be honest...i'm a little intimidated to use it. but i just may need to give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Much cleaner look...great idea thanks!

R said...

omgosh these are so lovely, you lucky girl! i adore them!!

Unknown said...

Wow....great idea! It looks awesome where you placed it ;) RIght next to the cupcakes and cashmere book....I need to get that one soon ;)

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