July 17, 2012

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today's fantastic TUESDAY-HOW-TO is all about home decor and how-to spruce up your place on a budget! i picked up this vintage burlap sack at the flea market for a whopping 20 BUCKS! it's unusual peach stripe and perfect imperfections had me at hello.... and i just knew it would be the perfect addition to our white ((Z Gallery)) couch. now this simple white couch feels complete with it's touch of fur + my new homemade pillow!

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step one: stuff the burlap sack with your two pillows
step two: cut your batting that same size as your pillow
((side note:)) you can always stuff more batting in between the 2 pillows

step three: cut your excess batting and start sewing up the open end of you burlap sack

step four: continuing stitching and finish off with a couple double knot stitches
annnnnd voila!
charlie loves the new pillow too {wink!}

well, what do ya think??
pretty easy huh?!


0941 fashion said...

Wow, looks so good! we love ourself a good DIY!!! We definitely have to try that!

Love, 0941 fashion

Check our 0941 blog if you wanna

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

such a cute project! Love the pics of you and your pooch lounging on the couch!

Jessica said...

LOVE it! It look so great with the couch too. and cute outfit! :)

Emily said...

Seriously so cute!

Koko @ Koko Likes said...

LOVE this idea. So so cute on your white sofa.

M. (Faded M Style) said...

GREAT how-to! My puppy (a Boston) would also eat the materials! LOL!
Best, M.

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