March 01, 2013

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hello hello & happy friday! i hope you all had a wonderful week. i was able to spend some quality time with a girlfriend & her new baby boy and even squeezed in a little yoga! who knew a down dog was SO difficult, phew! i did do one major thing this week... i changed my last name... things are offically offical! so tune in next week to get my insider steps on how to change your name. that's right folks, i'm officially a Wade!

here are a few links to bring you
into your weekend... enjoy!

a pretty cat toy DIY.

LA peeps, have you heard of Feed in Venice yet??? looks amazing... we're going to try it out sunday!

this gal knows how to throw a party! check out her party closet.

i like green, and i like these!

i like these 3 tips on hosting house guests.

5 words: coconut toffee chocolate chip cookies, YUP!

this fabulous sweater has two Spring Trends i love, bold stripes & crystal embellishments.

i've been searching for a new rug... this one is pretty great!

what kind of mascara do you use??

these darling stackables need to be on my little fingers!!

i don't know about you, but i think this pixi cut is cute-as-can-be.

the perfect homemade fabric boxes to help you get organized this spring!

see you next week!


henning love said...

enjoy feed!! cant wait to hear about your experience. and oh my word coconut toffee choc chip cookies?? they sound out of this world

Anonymous said...

Wade is a cool name!

R's Rue said...

Beautiful photo!

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