January 13, 2013

Kerry Washington!!
(i love everything about this look!)

what did you think of the Golden Globes 2013 red carpet??? we're you oh-so slightly underwhelmed? i know i was, just a little! don't get me wrong... everyone looked beautiful! but i always have such high expectations for bold bright colors, stunning long gowns, and amazing jewelry that sticks in my head for years after. but there was still a variety of lovely gowns & beautiful looks on this years red carpet.

here are my Golden Globe 2013 Best Dressed...

Michelle Dockery via
Katharine McPhee  //  Ann Hathaway via
Amanda Seyfried via

Nicole Richie via
Julianne Hough via

Isla Fisher via
Jennifer Garner via
Lea Michele via
so funny, Will Ferrell and Jennifer Lawrence present Best Actress!

who did you love most???


Kira said...

Kerry Washington does look amazing! I didn't watch the Golden Globes and somehow have forgotten to look up the dresses until reading your post!

Fashionobsession-mieni said...

Your pictures are great!! The girl look all really beautiful but I love especially the outfit of Kerry Washington ( I have the same opinion:) ) and the dress of Nicole Richie!

Hope you visit me on my blog

Anonymous said...

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