January 25, 2013

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what a week! it started out with a girls night of sushi @ Katsua & Lady Gaga @ the Staple Center, had a mid-week cooking class to learn a couple fabulous Indian dishes, and ended it with a delicious dinner at Rockwell LA! and to top it all off... had a coffee date with two my great friends (one with a new baby girl, Charlie! & one about to have her baby boy... any minute now)! so this week has flown by and was full of fantastic fun. how was your week?

here are a few links, from me... to you!

these chocolate peanut butter cups looks easy enough to make, could be great for valentine's day.

such a great lipstick color guide.

this wedding dress makes me want to get married all over again!

a heard of giraffe's at your breakfast table??

i LOVE this mad libs love letter, this is how it works.

a terrarium party?! sounds like the perfect party for spring!

i agree with this message, it's all about confidence.

grab a valentine's day card early... these are sweet.

i love theses peter pan collared sweaters: one & two

feeling under the weather? this clove coconut tea should help.

i'd like to be sitting here & making this right now.

now i'm hungry.

have a great weekend.
more happy friday's here.

(update:) tune in Monday for a fabulous Valentine's Day Giveaway!!!

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