MOCHA {chocolate chip} CAKE.

November 26, 2012

photo's by the fashion gal

my favorite kind of recipe is one that's simple, easy, and deeeeeelicious! i think it's safe to say that is what most people look for in a recipe. so you just may appreciate this Mocha Chocolate Chip Mousse Cake. we had a few birthdays in our family this past weekend... so one fabulous birthday cake was in order. the fireman & i were watching the Barefoot Contessa cooking show last week (fireman, busted) and good ole Ina was whipping together this killer Mocha Cake (man, she's good)... so i thought i would give it a go! it's basically a mocha mascarpone cheese mouse layered with rows of super crunchy chunky chocolate chip cookies! ok that may sound a little confusing... but i promise its simple. layer of mocha mousse, layer of chocolate chip cookies, layer of mocha mousse, layer of chocolate chip cookies... you get the picture. here is my version of Ina's killer birthday cake.

recipe + ingredients + Ina's how-to here.

and it turned out oooooooh-so good!
ps: you may want to serve this cake with ice cold milk, just sayin. (it was rich & delish)

yum, i want seconds!


Anonymous said...

Looks good I'll try it later today!

Unknown said...

Looks sooo good! I def wanna try it

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