August 27, 2012

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one thing i used to love about going back to school was all the new fresh n' cool school supplies i would collect before our first big day back. it's like a couple brand new perfectly sharpened pencils could help me feel a little better that the freedom of summer was coming to an end. but now that the good old first day of school is a thing of the past... i now miss all the fun back to school shopping that came along with it. so here are a few things i found on Etsy that could be perfect in our office... and still give me that fresh new start feeling.

princess bride pencil via
geometric notebooks via
vintage chalkboard via
colorful washi tape via
green canvas backpack via

how awesome are those pencils? 
pretty cute right?!


Anna G said...

Love those pencils. I would buy a set for all my friends. We just watched the Princess Bride during movie night.

VANESSA said...

One of my favorite movies of all time.

Unknown said...

LOVE those pencils :)

xo SideSmile,

SideSmile Style Blog

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