August 24, 2012

first things first, happy friday!

this weekend we have some fun plans lined up... a day with my family at the Del Mar horse races ((aka: 1st annual "Surf Meets the Turf" yes, it's actually called that)) and then a cozy day in on sunday... which i am personally {super} excited for. sometimes you just need to make a day to be home and enjoy your home! so what ever your plans are... i hope you find some time to kick your feet up and relax!

these could really round out my cozy sunday in.

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Anonymous said...

Dell Mar horse racing is truly a fun day and when I wear a big colorful hat I always have good tip #1

Emily said...

Going to a horse race is totally on my bucket list!! I hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend!

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

Sounds like you had some fabulous weekend plans... Love me some Roman Holiday... Aubrey always makes me happy when I have some down time!

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