February 20, 2012

// ONE: Wood Milk Crate... perfect for our DOG TOYS!!! Yup, that's right... we're gettin a pup! //

over the weekend i hit up my favorite LA Flea Market and treasure hunted until my little heart was 100% content! these flea markets can be tricky, ya know. sometimes you can find 1,000 things that are exactly what you've been searching for and other times you can go home empty handed. boohoo. so yesterday the stars were aligned because Mama scored big time!! and yes i said Mama... because the fireman and i are taking on a third wheel and getting a puppy!!! YAY! we are getting our little French Bulldog this Wednesday and couldn't be MORE excited!! eek! but for now... back to the flea market finds and the goodies i picked up.

*want to talk flea markets??? go here & here to see more flea market posts! xxoo.

// TWO: Claw-Foot Mirrored Tray... the perfect way to keep me organized AND in a elegant way! //

// THREE: A Lavender Scented Bag, Vintage Handkerchief, & Lace Doilies... all a fabulous gift for a fabulous girlfriend! //

// FOUR. Vintage 1950's (high/low) Embroidered Fringe Blanket... the perfect crisp white texture for our all white bed! It's soft & cozy too. //

// FIVE: Vintage Tin Box... i'm not really a pink gal, but i fell in love with this color instantly! // 

i did pick up one more excellent piece from the flea market... but you'll have to wait to see this fun little diddy. one tiny clue is... it's the most perfect thing to help me organized my lovely jewels! you'll see!


Katie*Belle said...

Great finds and congrats on the puppy! I can't wait to see pictures of your little addition!

Anonymous said...

Sweet gift for your friends...can't wait to see your new puppy...are you taking suggestions for a name?

Anonymous said...

French Bulldog = Awesome Addition
Nick Deane

paislea said...

that crate is WONDERFUL and i'm in love with the fringe blanket! my grandma has one that i totally want to steal each time i see it!! so pretty!

drop by allister bee soon!

VANESSA said...

Paislea-- I'm so happy to hear the me an your grandma have similar taste! I'm guess I'm an old sole! ;)

Grace (The Stripe) said...

Amazing finds! I LOVE the mirrored tray... and my mom has that little box at home... love! Newly following you, love your blog!

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

Love flea markets and that vintage tray is perfect for jewelry. Oh, love little french bulldogs! Congrats on the new addition, I'm sure he/she will be adorable!!!

Red Soles and Red Wine

katie walker said...

great finds! that wooden crate is awesome.

kelly @ paper doll theory said...

cant wait to see pictures of your new pup! french bulldogs are the cutest!! and i love your flea market finds! esp the tray and milk crate!

love kelly


Lindsay @ Me, Ed and Pea said...

Love love love the embroidered fringe blanket!! Great find!

-this little life said...

What flea market did you find these at... so beautiful.
LOVE the lavender scented bag.. I have little lavender scented pillows in a bowl in my living room.
All the best!

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