February 01, 2012

 // photo's & DIY by my favorite crafty blog Honestly WTF //

when it comes to getting crafty the gals at Honestly WTF have got it down!!! what better timing then the first day of February to start talking hearts! how romantical! i don't know what i love more about these pretty {little} hearts. whether it's the rusty red color against the soft heather grey, or the fact that these precious little puppies are made from raw wool! i just adore this DIY and can't wait to try it at home! i was thinking of trying this method on a throw pillow for our bed.

***FORE MORE DIY'S go to the left index under "the goodies" / "do it yourself". or click here, enjoy!


wool sweater36 gauge felting needlepiece of dense foam cut to size or needle matsome wool roving3″ heart cookie cutter, an iron

 // click here to check out the rest of this FAB DIY!! i mean, have you ever seen a sweeter Do It Yourself project? bravo Erica!!! //

so i'm curious... does anyone out there decorate their homes for Valentines Day?? if so, what's your v-day-decor?
i'm thinking a pretty white heart garland strung across my fire mantle could make for a pretty romantic touch.


Natali said...

Wow! This is a super cool DIY!

Heather said...

Great tutorial - and this is soooo cute... loving the updated sweater!


Unknown said...

That looks really fun!


katie walker said...

love that diy! so simple and so sweet!

Jersey Blogess said...

OMG! this is so freaking cute - I love it - wear your heart on your sleeve - I love that the place you chose to put the hearts!! I really really like.

VANESSA said...

I love it too!! But this is all Honestly WTF. They have the best DIY's! Make sure to checkthem out :)

Annie said...

SUCH a cute idea - love it! Looks easy enough, but I would most likely ruin my sweater if I tried, haha :)

The Other Side of Gray

chanel said...

I love these...and agree that the rusty color is adorable! We need a craft date!

xo chanel

his little lady said...

i can't tell you how fabulous i think this is! i have been seeing this floating around the pinterest world. oh so perfect!
xo TJ

Celebrity Owned said...

OMG!!!! So amazing! Such a fantastic idea!
Check out our blog and do some shopping!
xx Julie xx

Fiorenza said...

you're growing up! i'm happy! ;)

if you like mine follow me! :)

Ella said...

wow this is so amazing I should totally try it!


Lorena said...

super DIY!!!

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