Valentine's Gift Guide: HER HOME!

January 30, 2013

1 ||  gold polka dot vase... $15
2 ||  engraved copper cocotte... $298
3 ||  "way to my heart" cheeseboard... $24    
4 ||  happy pillow & love pillow... $165 & $198
5 ||  printed breakfast tray... $43
8 ||  birdie cake stand... $32
9 ||  pantone single mug... $15
10 ||  monogram jewelry box... $78
11 ||  heart tea infuser... $5
12 ||  The Allure of Beauty & Bazaar... $50 & $65

i have always loved Valentine's Day. i enjoy the idea of taking one day out of the year to be extra romantic whether you're sending a love letter to your crush or making an extra special dinner at home with your honey. Valentine's day doesn't have to be a day that breaks your bank, but should be a day that your celebrate your love or just the sweet idea of, love. it's also a great day satisfy your sweet tooth & grab something extra special for that one true love. here are a few gift idea's that your honey could give you or that you give to someone special in your life. 

here is another gift guide that's just a little more sparkly.
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Anonymous said...

I'm going to buy the folks dot vase for my friend and myself!

McKenna Lou said...

I absolutely need number 1 and number 9 right now!! I love this collection of pieces. xx. McKenna Lou

Eleonora said...

Really lovely ideas!


Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

How is that ADORABLE polka dot vase only $15! That moves it right on up the list to an official NEED!

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R's Rue said...

Love this list!

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