December 07, 2012

photo's by the fashion gal

happy friday folks! how's the Christmas thang going? our house is definitely starting to look a bit more Christmas-y! so like i said here, the fireman & i went on an early birthday extravaganza last weekend. it was a sudo-birthday-surprise, that turned out pretty awesome :) i found out AT the airport that we were off to Portland!! whoowhooo! Portland is such a cool old school city with tons killer coffee, food, unique boutiques, and some awesome 1900's architecture. so needless to say... we kinda had a good time. and drank WAY too much coffee along the way. 

check out the trip deets... & have a great weekend!

have a happy weekend!


Holly said...

looks like fun! love Portland, such a great place!

Unknown said...

Love your fun pictures! Do you use Photoshop to edit your photos? I love the first one with the boots and "portland." So adorable!!!!

Jade Rose.Evelyn.McArthur said...

Glad you could enjoy our city!! Lot's of fashion bloggers up here!!! :)

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