Holiday Gift Guide>> $100

December 12, 2012

1 ||  regal stone bracelet... $98
2 ||  gold scale carafe... $68  
3 ||  ikat canvas tote... $78
4 ||  circus wool hat... $54
5 ||  pear sweater... $98
6 ||  mongolian lamb pillow... $59
7 ||  tiny beaded bracelet... $77
10 ||  silver & gold wrap hoops... $87
11 ||  ikat nesting bowl set... $58
13 ||  monogram jewelry box... $78

happy hump day! we are officially less then 2 weeks away from that big happy holiday that involves a ton of gift giving, food eating, wine drinking, and hopefully some happy family time! when it comes to gift giving... do you stick to a budget? how much money do you typically spend on your family members or girlfriends? $20, $50, $100?? well if you're in the $50-$100 range... your sister, mom, bff, or secret santa is going to LOVE any of the gifts above! i sure do!! especially that ikat canvas tote (hint-hint!). 

*check out some great gifts ideas under 40 bucks here!


R said...
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R said...

i think 1, 9, and 13 are my FAVE!! for my girlfriends since were all still broke asses in college we spend $10 - $15 MAX. for my family i'll shell out $30 -$50. ^_^

chanel said...

I love the B box...and the gum tree picks of course! (There's a couple on my gift guide today too... :) ...gotta love the local shops.)

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