HAPPY friday!

November 30, 2012

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happy friday friends! how was your week? score any killer cyber deals this black friday/cyber monday week??? well i am SUPER excited for the weekend ahead! today the fireman and i will be going away for the weekend to celebrate my big n' fabulous {soon-to-be 30th} birthday! we're jumping on a plane... and i have NO idea where we're going. fun, right?! some would hate this idea of the unknown... but i LOVE it! as my gift, the fireman is surprising me and taking me away for a birthday weekend where we will eat good food & drink tons of delicious coffee... that's all i know. oh and the place we're going will definitely be raining. so my (vacation-location) guesses are: San Fransisco, Portland, or Seattle. ummmmm, not sure which one it'll be... but i can't wait to find out!

to kick off your fab weekend, 
here are a few links to distract you (for the next few) hours of work...

these look like the best brownies ever made, in the world, ever.

i would love to have these rain boots on my feetzies this weekend.

i like these... and this in mint.

i could cuddly up on the couch and sip on some of this right now.

i need to do a DIY, like soon.

i need to refresh my scarf tying skills with this video.

i just bought this curling iron and {finally!!!} exicuted some decent beach waves.

and......... i love this umbrella.

have a great weekend!
ps: remember when i took the fireman to Chicago for his 30th??


kassidy said...

Come to Seattle! We have big mountains, big trees, big water and big ol' cups of coffee. We might be coffee snobs, but that's because we have the best!

VANESSA said...

Sounds amazing! I like big cups of coffee!! But the fireman brought me to Portland!! And we are having blast :)

Anonymous said...

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