August 06, 2012

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last week the fireman and i decided where we're going on our romantic-little-getaway {aka} our honeymoon! surprisingly we didn't end up going with any of our original ideas ((you can find here)) we have chosen Europe!!! Amtersterdam (Holland), Greece, & Italy to be exact. and man, are we excited! the big guy has never been to Europe... and i couldn't be more excited to go back! i think he'll love everything about the countries we plan to visit. between the food, culture, and cobble stone roads i hope our honeymoon is as romantic & adventurous as we're anticipating.

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**AND, here are some of the items i plan on packing for our killer trip ahead..........
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have you been to any of these places???
i would love tips, cities, restaurants, or must-do's if you got em!


Liz said...

I've been to all three - and actually live in Amsterdam :) Let me know if you need any tips! Have you decided on where you're staying in Greece? If you are going to Santorini and you're looking for a place - I couldn't recommend the place we stayed enough! It was 1,000x better than our honeymoon and the whole time we were there we were saying we wished we had gone there for our HM!! It's called Absolute Bliss:


Katie*Belle said...

I've been to all three places and think you're going to have such an amazing time!

Lauren said...

Great outfits! I used to live in Germany, so I have been to all three! A little tip for Greece: Go outside around 3 am and just look up in the sky. The stars are beautiful. I did this in Santorini, Greece! Also, I know it's not honeymoon material, but if you're looking for something to do in Amsterdam, visit the Anne Frank house. It's really interesting!

You guys are going to have an amazing time in all three places!

Holly said...

from your list, i've been to Italy. My advice packing wise is comfy shoes...those cobblestone roads are beautiful, but rather uneven, and when it's hot there, it's really hot. perhaps pack a sun hat!

Carried Away said...

I can't belive you are also looking for a honeymoon :)) we have decided on ours this saturday...thailand fo us! I hope you enjoy europe!

Anna G said...

I wish I could plan such an amazing trip. I sadly have not been to any of those cities. Now I feel like I should try to find cute outfits for every time I travel abroad.

Anna G said...
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Laura said...

Wow three places!!
I can't help you with Greece, never been there. But Santorini is very high on the wishlist!
About Italy... you have to go to Tuscany.. such a beautiful area and very romantic! You can visit Firenze, Pisa, Viareggio and Lucca. All those places are really next to eachother.
And about Amsterdam (i'm from Holland) Hotel The Grand is really great (a lot of celebrity's eat and sleep over there) de negen straatje (the nine street) are nice for shopping and when you go to the Jordaan you get to see the real Amsterdam.
Wow I've never typed that much in a comment!
Hope you'll have a great time!
P.s. whatch out for taxidrivers in Amsterdam (they won't stop when you cross the streets)

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