TUESDAY-HOW-TO: a messy bun!

May 01, 2012

/ / / / / / photo's by the fashion gal... taken by the fireman! / / / / / /

today's TUESDAY-HOW-TO is all about that super-high-messy-bun that (i) have come to love! this messy bun can give any day a {little} boost! i'm just so happy that those Kardashian gals made this due cool to wear out-and-about. ya just throw on a killer outfit ((my outfit here is NOT a good example)), your messy bun, and a pair of those fabulous cat-eye sunnies... and {boom} you're good to go! **keep in mind that my hair is a bit shorter right now, so this is a messy high bun HOW-TO for shorter hair... go here to check out a how-to for longer hair. 

*ok so i am NO hair expert ((i probably shouldn't be saying that before i do a hair-tutorial)) BUT... here is my messy-high-bun-how-to!
flip your head up-side-down *this bun works better {for me} with clean hair.
gather your hair & start making your bun.
pull your bun gently to make your bun big.
now pull it the other way to make it a {little} messy!
messy right!? good!
now twist and pin up your stray hair with a couple cute bobby pins!

and TA-DA!
... well, what do you think???


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Yeah, this is my everyday look at home and I love it :).

Unknown said...

I love it. one of my favorite hair dos!!

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Jersey Blogess said...

this was cute - and guess what?, this is my fave hairstyle this year - I been doing this almost every other day....lol so easy and cute for on the go!

TheTinyHeart said...

The bun looks so cute on you! Mine usually winds up looking like a hot mess...I think I'll stick to sock buns :)

The Tiny Heart

Always Maylee said...

Simple and adorable!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

yiqin; said...

great tutorial <3

VANESSA said...

Thanks gals! You'd think I could have taken the time to throw some make-up or an outfit on for this trutorial! Oh well... At least the bun turned out! Have a great Tuesday!!!

Zlittle Saving With Style said...

Love your messy bun. Wish I could have the head shape like yours. Mine is pretty flat (if you know what I mean heheheh)


Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Love the little pins in the back for unexpected fun!


Katherine Krieg said...

love love love this! so cute!!

Annie said...

I LOVE these pics of you - too cute! I used to wear my hair like that in nursing school, and my teacher once said to me "you know, you CAN shower before you come in"...really lady? Little did she know how stylish I was being :)

The Other Side of Gray

Erika said...

Adorbs! This is my go-to when having a bad hair day :)

Annie said...

thanks for your comment dear. love this hair tutorial. the bobbypins are really sweet. and I am following you on fb and gfc now :)

X, Annie

Anna G said...

I swear style my hair like this every day. It's so perfect for when I don't wash my hair.

LoveT. said...

Nice Post ,you look cute :)

Lovely Greetings from Austria ♡

Unknown said...

I LOVE me a good ole messy bun :) It is my go to style also (work or out) but I always need to see how other girls do it and get theres so perfectly imperfect. Love the idea of the cute bobby pins to hold up the strays!

Anna xo


Anonymous said...

How do you do that style??? I have tried and tried and I dont get the part where you put it into the bun!/: I looooove this do and am having difficulties!!!/:

Sierra said...

I love this do but cant figure out the part where you put into the bun!/: I have the same hair length as you and I cant get it to go like yours! Help?(:

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