Love Potion no.4: FOOD

February 13, 2012

///// LA RESTAURANTS... perfect for Valentine's Day (or any other day!)//////////////////////////////////
// LA EATS: some of the best places to eat in LA! list made by the fashion gal & the fireman //

one thing the fireman and i LOVE to do together is EAT. GOOD. FOOD. so Valentine's Day is always a good excuse for us to try a new {& fabulous} restaurant! here's a few of our favorite hot-spots in LA... and it's surrounding beach cities! what are your big Valentine's Day plans?? trying out a new restaurant? or are you cooking together at home!? sometimes staying in and avoiding the big crowds is the best way to go... but this year we are doing it up & heading OUT!

place: GJELINA
location: Venice Beach, CA
type of food: Farm-to-Table
why so special: so glad you asked! well GJelina has been around for a few years now, but is still a cool hipster hot-spot in Venice. so hot, you may want to make a reservation a couple weeks in advanced (but if you're not into making reservations, no worries, they have a take-away window). we love this special little spot for a few different reasons... 1. the rustic cool ambiance {see photo above} 2. the farmers market fresh food 3. the wood-fire-oven pizza's 4. the casual community table 5. the location (on Abbot Kinney) 
what we order: we haven't tried everything but do love the crunchy Pizza's, Roasted Organic Chicken, the Oysters, & the Salted Carmel Ice Cream (<-- this stuff is to. die. for.) 

place: Animal
location: Fairfax (LA), CA
type of food: MEAT... dude-food!
why so special: this place has a lot of meat... and prepares it in the most creative & delicious ways! needless to say, this is one of the fireman's favorite places on earth. like, in the world! we actually went there for his birthday the past two years in a row!! Animal has such a simple (woodie/ industrial) interior and seems to really focus on the food & wine menu. did i mention the wine list is delish too!? this place is a meat-lovers-paradise.
what we order: HE orders: the Pig Ear, the BBQ Pork Belly Sandwich, and the Marro Bone w. Caramelize Onions (yikes, & he loves it!). And I order: the Hamachi Tostada & the Baby Kale Salad. 

place: Ortaga 120
location: Redondo Beach, CA
type of food: Mexican!
why so special: because it's close to home & has killer margaritas!! the "120" actually stands for the 120 tequila's they have in stock! we love Ortega's food, fresh margarita's, and their bright Day of the Dead decor.
what we order: Chili Relleno (cheese), Corn de Calle, Tour de Tacos (a tasting of the 5 most popular street tacos),  Chips n' Guac (so good), Tacos de Atun Crudo (Ahi Poke style yellowfin tuna tacos), Short Rib Chili Relleno, and their Classic Margarita! 

place: Nelson's
location: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
type of food: Burger's & Beer
why so special: Nelson's sits on the coast and has not only great burgers, but a great view too! the fireman and i like to stop by Nelson's after we hike around Palos Verdes and earned ourselves a cold beer & a big burger. this mellow oceanfront spot even has a large outdoor seating area where you could bring your pup for lunch or just kick back and soak in the Southern California sun!
what we order: Burgers, Fish n Chips, and ice cold Beers... YUM!

location: Manhattan Beach, CA
type of food: Ice Cream & Sweets!
why so special: because they make the BEST (i mean, best.) ice cream sandwich in the world!!! and it's one block up from one of the prettiest piers i've ever seen. it's the perfect spot to grab dessert and then walk out onto the pier to enjoy a Manhattan Beach sunset.
what we order: Ice Cream Sandwiches or a scoop of Cookies n' Cream Ice Cream!

have you been to any of these local hot-spots??? if so, where?! 
and did you love it too??? AND what are your big Valentine's Day plans!?


Unknown said...

annnnnnnd now i am officially hungry!

Heather said...

Drooling over your pics... Me and the boy are also venturing out for dinner this year!


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

What a beautiful and yummy post!

Katie*Belle said...

Going out to dinner together is a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day! And I'll be thinking of that pizza all day today -- it looks delicious!

paislea said...

that pizza looks so good!!!!! and how fun is this?! i love that you guys go out and have fun!!

drop by allister bee soon!

chanel said...

We still have to go per your recommendation! It sounds amazing!

xo chanel

VANESSA said...

chanel-- Case would LOVE these BBQ Pork Sandwiches! xo!

Ella said...

All of these look so yummy, I'll have to put them on my "to visit" list for my spring break trip to CA!!


VANESSA said...

Ella-- stay tuned because I plan on making this a regular bit on my blog! LA food places we love!!!

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