KTLA 5 News-- Cost Per Wear

August 13, 2013

what i'm wearing:
( printed pants- H&M, printed top- H&M, two statement necklaces- JCREW, heels- JOIE )

hey guys! so yesterday i was on a LA News station KTLA 5!
i was there to talk about the concept Cost-Per-Wear... which basically means how much value you can get out of one piece (like a great handbag or a piece of clothing). incase you'd like to try and figure out the Cost-Per-Wear of an item you'd like to buy (to make sure it's really "worth it") then follow this little formula: original price ÷ the estimated times you plan on wearing that piece = CPW!

it was such a fun experience at KTLA,
i hope you watch and take a little something away!

... and don't forget, Wool and Rose will be launching Sept. 1st!


Ella said...

This video is so helpful! Thanks for sharing!



Anonymous said...

This is a cute idea to help "justify" those purchases when you are on the edge in the dressing room!!! CPW!! New acronym!! Nice to hear your voice too!! Good luck on the new biz.

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soosied said...

Vanessa, can you post a tutorial on how you did your hair for the KTLA appearance? Would love to know how! Great outfits! Thanks and love your blog!

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