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April 06, 2012

/////// photo's + DIY via the fashion gal ///////

yesterday i felt the urgent need to spruce up our home with a little touch of Spring! for whatever reason, i was begining to feel like it was the day before Christmas and i hadn't bought a single gift! i guess i just planned on having a few bright n' Springy things around my house before Easter came along. so i decided to embellish my pre-existing wreath ((a pretty stick wreath with white funky felted flowers on it)) and added a couple bright flower clusters to make it feel like a new season has arrived! here is my little HOW-TO...

**a girlfriend of mine makes these cool wreaths with all different types of flower combo's! i went with the all white flowers so i could add onto it as the season's changed! if you'd like a seasonal wreath but don't have the time to make one... then check out some more fabulous wreaths on Etsy here!

{ keep in mind you will need a wreath or could always embellish one you already have! }
 { cut a 2" piece of felt and glue the ends together. // cut small slits into the folded side of the felt. }
{ add glue along the open end of the felt and roll the felt strip into a flower shape. }
 { let the flowers sit and dry. // play around with your desired flower placement. }
{ cut a large oval piece of felt and begin to hot glue your flowers onto it. // cut around the excess felt. }
{ place your flower clusters and either hot glue them down or tie them to the wreath with a tonal ribbon.       (( i tied my flower clusters to the wreath so i can change out the flowers for another season )) } 
{ ... and voila! }

have you added a little Spring into your home???
make sure to TUNE-IN later today to see my ((paint chip)) Easter garland!


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

These are really beautiful, you did a really work.

Unknown said...

you did a great job here!Thanks for your comment, I follow you!

Anna G said...

So cute! I love this wreath because you can keep it on the wall all spring and summer.

Tracy Davis said...

So cute! This is a perfect spring decorating idea.

Anonymous said...

Awe, this is great. THis makes everything more colorful and more happy. I love little projects to add a little personality to the house.

Yay Spring


Lisa said...

These flowers are amazing! So simple and so beautiful! I'll have to try these! I desperately need to add a festive, spring wreath to our front door and this would add the perfect touch!

Fiorenza said...

wow i've done in past leather earring with the same method!! ;))



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