July 10, 2013

trend #1:  one . two. three . four . five
trend #2:  skirt n' tee (& necklace
trend #3: leather backpack

... first off, who here doesn't just love everything Madewell puts out there?? 
i wish i had a truck full of money.
i suppose you could pair all three of these trends together for one pretty fantastic look! 
do you love these 3 trends too??? what about the leather backpack? too 90210?! (i like it.)

*here is one more trend i'm still loving... but am having a hard time pulling off.


Elsa de Diego said...

Hello Vanessa. I just discovered your blog and I'm pretty hooked. It's fabulous! Congrats! Xo,

Lindsay said...

I've never been a "dress" girl so I'm loving that shirts and skirts are so on trend right now! But I'm if-y on the backpacks...I think it would be perfect for a vacay/weekend look but I don't think I could pull it off for everyday.

Brigita said...

I can't get into the arm party thing, I have never really wore bracelets. But I really love the backpack trend, but there is another but - finding the perfect backpack is a real challenge!


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Robert Smith said...

I am also loving these. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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